Advantages of Biogas

1. The technology is cheaper and much simpler than those for other biofuels, and it is ideal for small scale application.

2. Recovery of the product (methane) is spontaneous as the gas automatically separates from the substrates.

3. Dilute waste materials (2-10% solids) can be used as substrate.

4. Organic pollutants are removed from the environment and used to generate useful biogas; this helps clean up the environment.

5. Aseptic conditions are not needed for operation.

6. Any biodegradable matter can be used as substrate.

7. Biogas is suitable for heating boilers, firing brick and cement kilns, and for running suitably modified internal combustion engines.

8. There is reduced risk of explosion as compared to pure methane.

9. Anaerobic digestion inactivates pathogens and parasites, and is quite effective in reducing the incidence of water borne diseases.


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I'm starting to find a way how to solve global warming and how to reduce greenhouse gas to our atmosphere..
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